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Our CRM software company is operating globally and providing our reliable services to ever growing businesses.

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Our CRM solutions are simple to integrate in your work environment resulting in a smooth workflow.

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No matter what the situation is our values of customer solutions will never get affected.

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CRM Software Company Solutions

Our CRM software company provides effective solutions to help our client’s interaction with current and potential customers, also storing and analyzing data about past interaction with their customers. We help our client to understand their customers’ needs and how to meet their need to enhance their bottom line.

In order to make sure that our clients do not lose their customers to their competitors, Nanotech Soft N App IT Solution make sure that our CRM solutions are well capable and within their reach to analyze the demands and desires of their customers.

With the help of our CRM software companies solution and our technology consulting expertise, our client can calculate the market’s trends and help them increase the profit of their business. We help both B2B and B2C Customers to achieve their goals and increase in the profit.

We provide both Standard and Custom solution on our CRM website.

Custom CRM Software Solution

Our Custom CRM software solution can be tailored made to customer needs by adding intelligent algorithm, which will help our client to reach to their desired market also upload their existing customer data base. Our tailor made CRM software costs way less than you expect it to be. So it always fits in your budget.

Standard CRM Software Solution

Our CRM software company have the capability to integrate with the existing CRM system.

Five steps that we follow while creating CRM software services.


The main advantage of having a customized CRM software for any business is that to reach the desired market audience more effectively.

KEY Features

Custom Software Development

Get customized CRM solutions that best suit the nature of your business.

Managing Data

Efficiently manage customers’ key data with our robust CRM solutions. Access the data anytime and expand your business.


Map customer journey with the distinct feature of the CRM. Serve customized service to the clients and generate more leads.

Boost Sales with Informed Decision

Based on the metrics, generate various reports through our CRM that helps. Make an informed decision to boost sales.

Improved Lead Intelligence

With the accurate customers’ records, generate the reports than improve the lead intelligence. Accurate customer records.

System Integration

Integrate your multiple business application with smooth and minimum efforts.

What can our CRM do for You

Customer Data Management

Our CRM software collects and organizes customer data. This includes contact information and interactions via email, phone, web chat and social media.

Sales Acceleration and Enablement

Our CRM software helps streamline and automate certain sales-related duties. This helps enable sales reps to do their job better and also accelerates sales cycles through automation of repetitive tasks. These tasks may include:

  • Creation of quotes
  • Order processing
  • Updating contact information
  • Sending emails
  • Sales forecasting
  • evaluating employee performance

Marketing Automation

Our CRM software products include some marketing automation features. Others integrate with dedicated marketing automation products. Some features to look for include:

  • Email marketing
  • Lead management
  • lead scoring and qualification
  • landing page creation
  • Web forms
  • Marketing analytics

Customer Service & Support

Our CRM software companies products often provide customer support-related features. Many also integrate with standalone customer support software. Customer support features may include:

  • Knowledge bases
  • Ticketing systems
  • Live chat
  • Customer support portals

Additional Features & Considerations

Our CRM software company also offer project management and social media management capabilities.

Additional considerations when evaluating CRM software include:

  • Deployment type (on-premise vs. hosted)
  • Customization options
  • Usability/UX
  • Mobile access
  • Security and privacy
  • Ease of integration
  • Scalability

CRM Software Company: Industries We Deal In

Our CRM software company provides CRM solutions for real estate, small business, healthcare sector and many more. We promise to deliver you with the quality CRM solutions for your business be it real estate, small business or any other field. CRM software costs may be on a higher side but we make sure to provide you with affordable solutions at our CRM website.

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